Change the old obsolete fan belt for EC fans.
Reduce monthly working costs to 50% and protects environment consuming less energy.

6.888 MW
3.429 T
The modernization of existing HVAC, especially the fans, has a high energy saving potential. At the same time, EC fan technology substantially improves the reliability of the system, reduces maintenance costs, and ensures uninterrupted operation of the air conditioning system.

By replacing old and inefficient fans with modern EC fans, energy, and CO2 savings of up to 50% can be achieved, depending on the building and the system.

Numerous examples of retrofit projects in non-residential buildings (from hotels to airports) show that inversion in substitution of a fan is amortized in a period between two and five years, depending on the system and building.

Sectors for modernization

Which sectors are most recommended in fan substitution? Multiple places has HVAC systems huge and old.

Therefore, energy savings potential is huge. In addition, in more sensitive applications, the risk of a unit stroke, is practically vanished, because the redundance of an ECFanGrid.

What is an EC FanGrid?

An EC FanGrid consists of several EC fans operating in parallel mounted in a matrix. The flow rate is multiplied proportionally to the number of fans, while the pressure conditions remain constant. EC fans are not only highly efficient, but also have fully integrated electronics, motor and turbine. This allows for simple plug & play solutions for any ventilation need.

In addition, multiple controllable fans can be much better matched to the actual air throughput required, increasing efficiency at any duty point.

The EC FanGrid Retrofit system is ideal for replacing old, inefficient belt-driven fans in ventilation units, regardless of the brand used. The retrofit system is highly adaptable and always suitable.

Airtecnics supplies all the necessary components, from the fans and the AHU retrofit wall to the sensors and the control and regulation cabinet.


Who benefits from a retrofit project?

Depending on your role in the project, your priorities may vary depending on how important they are to you. EC FanGrid systems are designed to meet the needs of all parties involved.
Property Owner
Installer or Builder
For the property owner, energy savings and system reliability are most important. Professional measurements are provided to determine the actual energy consumption and show the potential for energy savings. In addition, reliability is greatly increased by the redundancy of the system.


In airports, public buildings, office complexes, production plants or hotels, EC FanGrids are used where air handling units are operated uninterruptedly or almost around the clock. Here are some examples of fan replacements that are already in operation.


The video shows the retrofit of an old belt drive fan to an energy-efficient ECFanGrid The associated control cabinet, specially designed for redundancy. allows you to control an ECFanGrid like a single EC fan.
Installing an ECFanGrid Retrofit from Rosenberg is easier than you think. You will receive all necessary parts including assembly instructions. Of course we also offer you the installation by our service team.

Information Material

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