Disinfects and purifies

the air and surfaces

of hazardous elements

Removes up to 99,9%* of

ALL hazardous elements

including viruses, bacteria,

allergens and mold!


Patented technology

endorsed by multiple certificates

from independent institutions

* According to studies carried out in universities and independent laboratories.

Air and Surfaces Purifier and Disinfection WELLISAIR. Removes 99.9% of all hazardous elements

Wellisair is a patented device with a disruptive and innovative technology to disinfect, purify and clean the air and surfaces with nature's own mechanisms.

Wellisair uses advanced technology that effectively generates and expands hydroxyl radicals (OH·) that by oxidation substantially eliminates virus, bacteria, allergens, moulds, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) up to 99.9%.

The excellent decontamination capacity of air and surfaces makes the field of application of the Wellisair device very extensive and diverse.

How Wellisair works?

Easy control and compact design


Innovative and disruptive patented technology that efficiently generates and expands hydroxyl radicals(OH·)that, through Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP):

  • Inhibit up to 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms (viruses and bacteria), according to independent laboratory and university studies.
  • Improve air quality by reducing volatile organic compounds (VOC) and suspended PM particles.
  • Eliminate odours

The hydroxyl radical (OH·) is the most important natural oxidant in the troposphere, It is vital in the removal of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide or methane.

Wellisair is a technology that generates a constant production of hydroxyl radicals (OH·) and complies with the exposure limits against chemical agents adopted by the National Institute of Safety and Health INSS (independent laboratory tests validate ozone emissions <0.05ppm and hydrogen peroxide <1ppm).

Without Wellisair
With Wellisair


Wellisair technology has been tested effectively on various viruses with different characteristics and in wet and dry environments.

All tests indicate an efficacy between 92-99% of elimination on surfaces (efficiency in the air is higher), depending on the results obtained with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Rotavirus or Coxsackievirus (hand-foot-mouth)

Elimination of different viruses in the presence of Wellisair in both wet and dry environments. Laboratory tests at a prestigious international university.


The Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) has a morphological structure similar to the coronavirus, such as the lipid membrane and glycoprotein projections.

The oxidation reactions (lipid oxidation and protein oxidation) that occur in RSV are the same that they should have in COVID-19, so the elimination efficiency against the coronavirus should be very similar, around 92 -99% .


Wellisair’s hydroxyl radicals (OH·) cause oxidative reactions which cross the membranes of the bacteria modifying their morphological structure until they reach their genetic information. This fact produces an irreversible damage killing the bacteria and making them disappear.

To determine the effectiveness, tests were performed with Gram "+" and "-" bacteria, both on surfaces and in the air.

Results indicate a successful demonstration of reduction in the following bacteria

  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Staphylococcus aureus resistence MRSA
  • Pseydomonas aeruginosa
  • Salmonella
  • Klebsiella
  • Escherichia coli
Decrease in the concentration of plaque forming units of different viruses per milliliter (PFU / ml) on the surface. Testing in international laboratories.

Air quality

Wellisair's oxidative technology allows the structure of any volatile organic compound (VOC) to be changed to inert and harmless gases or water-soluble compounds. It also traps any atmospheric particles (PM) in micro-droplets of moisture and makes them precipitate to the ground.

A multiple of tests carried out prove a reduction of more than 93% of VOCs and particles guaranteeing an improvement in air quality.

Without Wellisair
With Wellisair
VOCs and atmospheric particles present after 30 min of burning an incense stick (ug/m3). Laboratory tests at a prestigious international university.


A pleasant environment should smell good or be odourless. Through the oxidising process produced by hydroxyl radicals (OH·), a large part of these odours are eliminated within a few hours of exposure to Wellisair.

Our advanced air purification technology offers a total and permanent solution to odour control. Our test results show the oxidising process destroys all the common factors which cause odours.

Volatile organic components test. Tests in international laboratories.


Health Sector

Waiting rooms, operating rooms, emergencies, clinical rooms, nursing homes, spa and beauty centers

Food industry

Processed canning, dryers, cutting rooms, clean rooms, food handling rooms

Food preservation

Supermarkets, warehouses, wineries, tasting rooms, canning and freezing chambers, catering


Clinical analysis, biological trials, packaging areas, handling rooms


Veterinary clinics, animal centers

Private Sector Buildings

Offices, business offices, industrial buildings

Public spaces

Shopping centers, shops, cinemas, museums, waiting rooms, gyms, airports

Schools and kindergartens

Educational centers, kindergartens, schools, universities, extracurricular centers


Airplanes, trains, coaches


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